Well, folks it’s official! I am a Master of Fine Art. I found out last night around 9pm and proceeded to get instantly falling down drunk (sweet road rash to prove it)! Way to be an Abstract Expressionist, eh?

So with this passing of the the season, from student into professional artist, I’m going to move my blog over here. My graduate directed study blog will just be it’s own compact little archive. (When I finish a book in real life I put a piece of purple duct tape on the spine or spiral so I don’t try to take it out thinking there is paper left.) So after the final post,  I’m putting the purple duck tape on my blogger.

I’m in the habit of posting at least once a week for school, so I’d like to keep up that dialog out into the ibis, for my own posterity and record of my growth if nothing else, but maybe just maybe, my fans out there will get a kick out of my bi-daily-ish musings on art, fashion, pop culture and life as a person obsessed with those three things.  I may even throw in some food, too. My plan is to share what catches my fancy and also talk about my own works in progress. Because now, I am bound by no preconceived structure or expectation, but I have experienced the fruits of organizing my thoughts through web sharing. Now I am a free and multiple degree holding woman, and you and I both know there is no limit to what I can conceive of, let alone do!

I also have my artist website,, with my current most fully realized work on it, with which to solicit galleries for exhibition. It links back to through the store link, so it’s possible they could be among you readers. (Hi, gallery owners and curators!) On that note I’ll get back to the cool art out in the world.

My pal Sam came to visit and this morning we went the the VMFA! If ya’ll haven’t seen the Mocha Dick exhibit you absolutely must (though beware of you google images for it…the wrong hits are NSFW)! Hurry, it ends Jan 29! This thing is AMAZING. It’s all white which automatically piques my interest, because I have a long love for all-white art, (in the outer ripples of wakes of Malevich and Rauschenberg) the subtleties and variations and shadows and textures allure the eye to explore a so-called lack of color. In this, all those elements are employed  in the sweeping smoothness of the whales form from head to tail, in the gashes in it’s aged skin and the barnacles that have grown on it over the years of sailing through seas. The details are lovely and the beast is awe inspiring. Do yourself a favor and get your whale tails on into the VMFA and experience it with your own senses!


Tomorrow I drive home for the holidays. I can’t believe I have to drive. I’m not sure how much art blogging I’ll do from Terre Haute, but you and I will both see…


Bear with me, I’m not sure how this blog is going to work on here, I may have to move it around. I’ll keep you posted! Oh man, bad blogging humor! I need sleep and water! And maybe a burrito.

until then.